Progress Pre-School GOLD’s Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day

2 Weeks ago, I received an invitation to be part of Progress Pre-School GOLD’s Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day. The date falls on a Thursday, our no car day, and is also the day after McKenzie's recognition day in school which I expected would end late because we had to meet my family for dinner after the school recognition program.

For the Little Kids who made K1 Colorful for McKenzie

Tomorrow is the last day of McKenzie's K1 Q4 Exams. It is also the last day she'd be in her K1 Argentina Class in SEIS.

Easter Fun Events 2015

I've blogged about easter events in the past and posted them individually. This year, to make it easier for my readers, I am going to have just one blog for all easter events. This list will be updated as the easter events' details come in so feel free to bookmark or share it on your social media accounts. That way, you could easily go back here and check your other options.

Here's the list...

Creating a Benchmark for Volunteerism and Social Responsibility: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

Long before corporate social responsibility and volunteerism became a buzzword for brands and corporations, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has already made it an intrinsic mission and company philosophy.

WAHM Recommends: Lemon Kiss Clothing for Little Girls

When I got pregnant with McKenzie, I decided to become a work-at-home mom.

A WAHM like me don't need too much clothes.  I work in my pambahay clothes so shopping for me is an occasional thing.

Mishka Shoes: A Pair in a WAHM’s Bag

As a WAHM, I don’t go out everyday. And when I do- I have both my husband and daughter with me. Dress up time has been significantly cut down when we had our daughter. Before she came, I spent an hour on the average to prepare- Choose clothes, choose shoes, choose bags, choose accessories, dress up, make up face, fix hair. I still spend an hour to prepare now- but only a quarter of it goes to my own prep. 

March- ing In to Summer (Last Days of February and Half of March 2018)

Almost 3 weeks since my last post. Will try to give a rundown of the days that passed. I've been to occupied that I wasn't able to...