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Mommy, Daddy and McKenzie

7 months and 20 days since McKenzie arrived and radically changed our life. Those past months, I’ve been meaning to update my blog, post updates and all, but motherhood requires more than 24 hours a day… add to that the hours that we need to spend working and doing household chores. McKenzie is a very sweet baby. She tends to have separation anxiety but is doing good in her social interactions. Just today, she was able to call Kenny “addy” (daddy). I can’t remember the first time she said “ammy” (mommy)… but that must’ve been 2 months ago. At 7 months, she is able to sit on her own, stand up with support, eat solid food, converse and laugh with us. This early, we’ve started planning her 1st birthday. I hope I could be religious in updating this blog. I would love to come back someday and read about Me, Kenny and McKenzie!