She’s already here

Our baby, McKenzie Cayenne Javier Ansis has been with us for six weeks and four days now.
I wasn’t able to blog during the last weeks of my pregnancy until I gave birth because I was busy with a lot of things, having lost a helper at home.
How I gave birth to McKenzie:
Around 1am- Kenny was on his way home from work and I was working at home late. Bloody show in urine twice.
Around 230am- the amount of blood increased and we decided to call my doctor, Dra Judith Galang-Perez, who advised that we need to go to Las Pinas Doctors Hospital right away.
Everything was already packed, my bag, baby’s and kenny’s as well so we were on our way around 230am.
Contractions became stronger while we were on the road.
Around 315am- Kenny dropped me off to the hospital’s ER. I calmly handed over my doctor’s instructions to the nurse on duty. The contractions were unbearable and I even refused to lie down as to me the pain is less when I am standing up. The OB Gyne on duty asked for me to lie down, and do breathing exercises. She did an IE and I was already 9cm dilated, a mere 1cm away from delivery!
I had to ask her why it went to that point without me feeling the escalating contractions, she said my pain tolerance might be high.
Around 345am- my water bag broke while they were putting on my IV.
I was rushed to the delivery room , my doctor and anes doctor arrived shortly. Anes was injected through my spine and after 6 pushes, at exactly 433am, I heard McKenzie Cayenne’s first cry.

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