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it has arrived

after waiting for 12 days, my monthly period just arrived.

disappointed :( 


my period is 9 days delayed.
woke up early to test and it came out negative.
dunno what’s wrong…
will do it again tomorrow.

We have dogs

Ken and I grew up not really loving dogs…
We both knew that… back in February, Papa made us adopt one of their puppies.
We brought the pup home and named him Tony (from the soprano show, tony soprano).

Although we are not that affectionate to Tony, we did our best to provide him with all his needs. Since we rarely eat at home, we bought dogfood for him, we groom him and also bought him a cage… and add to that, ken placed a roof for his cage.

Although he is growing up to be a really nasty dog (must be because he is always inside the house), I would say we are showing him care and love that he deserves.

And even if ken scolds him most of the time, I know that he has a place for Tony in his heart.

Saturday last week, we had our families over for swimming, videoke and tong its— they went home late since there wasn’t enough space for everybody to rest. Ken and I even had an argument that night— must be because of fatigue and all.

We woke up Sunday morning and heard baby doggie sounds near…

Is there anyone to trust?

For the past months, our team in the office has been shaken by trust issues.

Somebody rang the bell, someone turned out to be guilty— blame went to someone, and right now, it seems like we may be trusting the person responsible for pushing somebody into the river.

PT in 10 days

My period’s delayed for 5 days now. Haven’t done PT yet– Ken and I both agreed we’ll wait 2 weeks of delay before doing so.
Although, been acting pregnant already, no more smoking, less strenous activities.

I hope test will come out positive and I hope if it is, it will be a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

I don’t really care much about gender, as long as he or she is healthy.

I can’t wait to do the test….

Patience— is really a virtue.

yet another 2ww is almost over

Another round of 2ww is almost over, I’m supposed to get my period tomorrow and Ken and I are keeping our fingers crossed! No monthly period symptoms yet, not a brown spot down there.  I hope this one will turn out positve. It’s holy week and I’m working… we are working…