2012 Project 366: Day 025

first time i saw McKenzie's face this dirty. She was crying and screaming. She was covering her face. She hates being dirty, that's what I noticed. She didn't stop crying until the last dot of chocolate was washed off from her hands and face.

2012 Project 366: Day 023

McKenzie reading a book to her little doll. Notice the little shoes and milk bottle beside McKenzie's

2012 Project 366: Day 020

Another milestone for McKenzie. Goodbye no leak sippy cups. She knows how to drink and regulate the flow from this regular water bottle

2012 Project 366: Day 015

I am so proud of my little lady. McKenzie's passport photo session. Look how confident and smart she was infront of the camera!

2012 Project 366: Day 004

Started to use a 5 gal wilkins to save planet earth. Those 6L bottles really piles up fast! Plus an innovative water pump discovery by Kenny.

2012 Project 366: Day 003

McKenzie's first picture with Santa! Taken before going home from Mico's Birthday Dinner

2012 Project 366: Day 002

I am so ready for 2012: a daily planner, desktop calendar and a weekly wallet sized to go planner.

2012 Project 366: Day 001

The morning after our welcome to the New Year.
Soaked in the bath tub with my daughter McKenzie, and nieces Mikayla and Nei.

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