Johnson’s® Baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash

Newborn skin is 40% thinner than adult skin. It absorbs and loses moisture at a faster rate. It is prone to dryness, more delicate and fragile. That’s why newborn skin needs special care.

Johnson’s® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion

Even when baby is indoors or fully clothed, 70% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate and harm baby’s skin. Johnson’s® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion is a first from Johnson’s®, it ensures baby’s skin is protected at all times.

Johnson’s® New Generation Care for New Generation Moms

I was invited by Nuffnang Philippines and Johnson’s® to attend the launch of Johnson’s® New Generation Care for New Generation Moms, a new line of product innovations that will empower the moms of today to care for their babies in a new gen way. 

Susy and Geno Meet Up Announced

I was a member of the Sustagen Kids Club when I was little.

Something caught my eyes a few weeks back, a facebook page of Susy! And she was looking for Geno.

SMART Trinet Offers

My husband is loyal to Smart, I have a Sun postpaid line, Here's a good deal for us.

Royal Sportsfest Biggest Sale

Royal Sporting House is holding the Royal Sportsfest Biggest Sale
When: February 29- March 04, 2012
Time: 10AM to 9PM
Where: SMX Convention Center Hall 2


March- ing In to Summer (Last Days of February and Half of March 2018)

Almost 3 weeks since my last post. Will try to give a rundown of the days that passed. I've been to occupied that I wasn't able to...