Organic Baby Wipes for the Little Ballerina

My little ballerina is a heavy user of baby wipes. She wants to have a pack of baby wipes in her bag all the time.

Anne Curtis’ Guide to Summer Travel Essentials

You’ve filed for leave, booked your tickets, reserved the hotel and mapped out your itinerary. Perhaps the only thing you have to do now is pack—arguably the most stressful thing you have to do before you go off your much-awaited summer jaunt.

Nutri10Plus for the Little Ballerina

This summer's really a busy one for McKenzie. We enrolled her to the Intensive Summer Ballet Program of Ballet Dance Academy. So, instead of the regular once a week schedule (Saturday Mornings) she is attending a one hour class thrice a week (Tue, Thu and Sat). These past weeks, they have an additional 1 hour alloted for rehearsals in preparation for BDA's 45th Anniversary Recital.

Making Scents: Downy Pays Tribute to Mothers on Mother’s Day

MANILA, Philippines, May 6, 2015

Mother’s Day is upon us.

And while most are already preparing—with sweet cards, elaborate bouquets, homemade breakfast-in-bed menus and pampering schedules—there’s one gift that will in fact, keep on giving…long after the final card has been stored in your mother’s box of mementos.

March- ing In to Summer (Last Days of February and Half of March 2018)

Almost 3 weeks since my last post. Will try to give a rundown of the days that passed. I've been to occupied that I wasn't able to...