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Blessings & Transitions

You change your life by changing your heart. My last post was my first post for 2017--- written on the second of January.

It was promising and I was really hopeful that I could write more this year but again... life happened and I haven't been able to write anything.

So here... let me try it once more...

Every moment of your life is a second chance.  Rick Price 
Recent posts


Time matters: Maximize the crucial window of talent development and nurture your child’s gifts to excellence.

TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters at La Vie: Table Manners and Etiquette

After skipping 2 Saturdays, McKenzie was able to attend another session of her TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters at La Vie Institute yesterday.

Pokémon Go: Go Wild Catching ‘em all at Singapore’s Wildlife Parks!

Pokemon Go is now officially a global craze with fans worldwide vying to be the country’s next Pokemon Master.

National Strategy to Conserve Elusive Native Raffles’ Banded Langur Launched

Collaborative effort between Wildlife Reserves Singapore and National Parks Board to save critically endangered primate; only one of three primates found in Singapore a valued part of country’s natural heritage 

River Safari’s Kai and Junior Take Flight 
for Landmark Manatee Conservation Programme

Manatee duo and best of friends set off early morning on 8 August
on a 34-hour chartered flight to Guadeloupe; Entourage includes two vets and an aquarist.

Mommy Milkshare for Fabella Human Milk Bank

I breastfed McKenzie until she was 24 months old because I know that breastfeeding is best for babies. The World Health Organization states why it is so on their website, and also emphasizes that breastfeeding benefits the mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies.

TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters at La Vie: Knowing Myself and My Family

Yesterday was McKenzie's first Saturday at La Vie Institute for her TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters Program.

TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters at La Vie: Assessment

McKenzie went inside La Vie Institute for the first time yesterday. It was her scheduled assessment in preparation for her TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters Workshop that she will join on Saturday, Aug 6.

3Q Breastfeeding Talk at Ospital ng Paranaque (OSPAR)

South PiNanays will be conducting the 3rd quarter breastfeeding talk at Ospital ng Paranaque for expectant mothers and we are inviting interested moms-to-be to join!

River Safari’s Kai & Junior To Travel To The Carribbean For World’s First Manatee Repopulation Programme

Best pals Kai and Junior will be the first manatees to arrive in Guadeloupe in over a century; Future offspring to repopulate manatee-extinct area in landmark project.

Dino Play, Now Open at The Mind Museum!

McKenzie loves dinosaurs among other things.

There is probably nothing more fascinating to young children more than dinosaurs. 

Why? Dinosaurs have not walked Earth for 65 million years now. So what’s so fascinating about them? Is it their size or imposing stature? Is it the way they move and eat? And while we’re at it, what makes dinosaurs, dinosaurs?

A New Learning Experience: La Vie Institute's TOTAL Personality Development YOUNGSTERS PROGRAM

“The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.”
― Brian Herbert

Jurong Bird Park Celebrates 45 Years of Living Colours‏

Charming visitors all over the world since taking flight in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is one of the most renowned bird sanctuaries with some of the largest free-flying aviaries in the world.

Monde Nissin Collaborates with Uniqlo for Limited Edition Tees

Emblazoned with Lucky Me! and Bingo’s distinctive designs, the shirts will be available in Uniqlo stores here and in Southeast Asia

Makati closes off Paseo de Roxas for a culinary Block Party

Mouth-watering gastronomic delights, a kiddie fun fair, and great entertainment await everyone at the Makati Block Party, which promises to delight everyone on Sunday, July 3, 2016.

World’S Rarest Tortoises Race Against Extinction At Singapore Zoo’S New Tortoise Shell-Ter

New exhibit a naturalistic sanctuary for the tortoises to display natural behaviour and breed; Zoo celebrates World Turtle Day with special Keeper Talks for guests 

Our Family Ran at the Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run 2016

Our whole family ran at the Nickelodeon Slime Cup Run 2016!

Welcome the latest change in McDonald’s—the new and improved Burger McDo

Young people nowadays want their most precious things, including their tried and tested products, to evolve with them—to grow as their taste and preferences mature over time. When they look for change, they don’t want something new, but improved; not different, just better.

A Day Well Spent at The Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Our First (and might be our last) beach getaway for Summer 2016 was spent at The Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort.