For the Little Kids who made K1 Colorful for McKenzie

Tomorrow is the last day of McKenzie's K1 Q4 Exams. It is also the last day she'd be in her K1 Argentina Class in SEIS.

She'd been telling us how sad she is that she won't be with her teacher and classmates anymore so I thought of preparing a special little token for her classmates.

I initially planned to make crayon rolls from fat quarter fabrics I bought from Divisoria but little sewing machine won't cooperate and time left for the project is not enough if I handsew it.

I have a dozen crayon boxes and I needed a way to creatively present it to the little ones.
We can't go out to buy materials so I have to settle with what we have at home.

Here's how I made them:

Boxes of Crayons. Mimeograph Paper as Wrapper.

Jute String as Ribbon

Colorful Large Popsicle Sticks with their names and a message at the back

The message says:

Thank You for making my K1 Year Colorful.

The little girl is excited to give them to her classmates.

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