WAHM Recommends: Lemon Kiss Clothing for Little Girls

When I got pregnant with McKenzie, I decided to become a work-at-home mom.

A WAHM like me don't need too much clothes.  I work in my pambahay clothes so shopping for me is an occasional thing.


When McKenzie was old enough to wear dresses, I found myself shoving hangers with clothes again, smaller ones this time.


When I was a kid, I remember how my Mom would always make us wear dresses especially when going to church or when attending parties. I think I only have a pair each of long and short pants.

These days, girls tend to wear pants more often- shorts paired with blouses, long pants with shirts. However, I still make McKenzie wear dresses as often as possible.


I like dresses for little girls. Not dresses made little for them. I like the classic styles with comfy design and fabric.

And of course, I want the affordable ones.

We usually go to SM Bacoor to shop for our needs and a girl clothing brand caught my eye- Lemon Kiss. It was launched in SM Department Stores in 2003.

Lemon Kiss designs are stylish yet comfortable. Their clothes characterize the playful, energetic and fun lifestyle of young girls 4 – 12 Years Old.

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