Mishka Shoes: A Pair in a WAHM’s Bag

As a WAHM, I don’t go out everyday. And when I do- I have both my husband and daughter with me. Dress up time has been significantly cut down when we had our daughter. Before she came, I spent an hour on the average to prepare- Choose clothes, choose shoes, choose bags, choose accessories, dress up, make up face, fix hair. I still spend an hour to prepare now- but only a quarter of it goes to my own prep. 


Most of my time goes to preparing my daughter’s outfit (dress, shoes, and bag) and our go bag. The mere 15 minutes sometimes result to me settling for a comfy outfit, minimal make up and accessories.

Although we have a go bag for my daughter’s stuff (change clothes, wipes, food, water, milk), I always carry a big bag with me. Big enough to carry my essentials- toiletries, medicines, wallet, phones, eBook, and a pair of shoes.

Yes, a pair. And should be foldable so it won't take too much space. I used to have a separate shoe bag which I leave in the car but most of the time, the parking would be too far from where we are and it’s a tedious task for my dear husband. So I need to have it IN MY BAG.


I carry a pair of comfortable but stylish shoes.  I love wearing pumps during events because it gives me a feeling of confidence. Still, I want to change into something more comfortable after, and it has to go with my outfit. Ballet flats, Sandals, Espadrilles- these are my comfy shoes.


There are several lines of these shoes in the market but for my other requirement, the shoes have to be foldable--- I have limited options.


I was in Makati too early for an event a few months back, I was looking around the Shoe Section at the 2nd floor of Landmark Makati when I saw Mishka Shoes. They have ballet flats, sandals and espadrilles. Their shoes are foldable and they are Made in the Philippines! They are perfect.


Mishka Shoes are locally made Comfortable stylish Foldable. The shoe bends upward even if you are not wearing it. 

It is a combination of style, comfort and function. 

Style- Mishka Shoes doesn’t look like it’s a foldable shoe. You can wear them on any occasion without sacrificing style. 

Comfort- Mishka Shoes are made from comfortable materials and has extra foam cushion in the insole. 

Function – Mishka Shoes are emergency shoes that can end the distress that comes from wearing high heels. It is also light weight and can be placed inside your bag.

Mishka Shoes can be viewed online through their social media accounts:
Instagram - @mishkashoes 

Mishka Shoes is currently available in Landmark Makati located at the 2nd floor of Shoe Section. You can also find them in different bazaar events.

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