A New Learning Experience: La Vie Institute's TOTAL Personality Development YOUNGSTERS PROGRAM

“The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.”
― Brian Herbert

This quote about learning is timely about what my husband and I are discussing about McKenzie.

Our little girl is very passionate about learning even when she was little. 

Providing her with learning activity kits, books, and tools was our gift to complement her skill and willingness to learn.

For about 2 years now, aside from her regular schooling, she attends ballet dance class every Saturday where she learns not just dance but discipline and poise. 

We also try to immerse her in activities at home and take her to other places and events where she can learn more because in her own words: LEARNING NEVER STOPS.

We've noticed how ballet has become second nature to her. It has become a part of her life. She attends class once a week but practices on her own in her room every weekday afternoon in between homework and TV time.

But, along with that realization, we've noticed how she seems to be on the lookout for more opportunities to learn. In the past months, when we just need to stay at home, she'd tell us she's bored and we'd lecture her about the stuff she has at home that she can do: read books, play, paint, spend time with our dog, etc.

However, there seems to be a void to be filled. A longing to be granted.

So my husband and I were considering options on what other learning activities we can make her attend:
Art workshop? 
    Proximity issue.
Musical instrument?
    Piano or Violin?
 Voice lessons.
    A Ninang told us not to, until she's 7yo, when she is physiologically ready.
Other dance lessons?
   It can cause confusion in her.
Baking lessons?
     Again, proximity issue.
Supplementary learning centers like Kumon?
     A friend who has enrolled her kid in Kumon both Reading and Math from 3-6yo advised us against it.
In the midst of my search and research. I saw this post from La Vie Institute in Commercenter, Alabang:

I attended a TOTAL Personality Development Workshop with them last year and I remember telling myself that I would let McKenzie join a similar workshop before she heads off to college. Every time we pass by Commercenter in Alabang, I would tell her how great the experience was for me. And how I want her to experience the same thing.

TOTAL Personality Development YOUNGSTERS PROGRAM is a Workshop series that would run for 20 Hours and would tackle the following topics:
·         Knowing Myself and My Family
·         Expressing Myself (2 sessions)
·         Conflict Resolution
·         Table Manners & Etiquette
·         Posture, Movement and Balance
·         Public Speaking 1- Vocal Dynamics
·         Public Speaking 2- Stage Presence
·         Confidence Through the Performing Arts

I got this from their website:

Developing your child’s emotional intelligence at an early age paves the way for better school performance, social skills, deep rooted confidence and strong communication skills. The Youngsters Program is made up of 10 workshops customized to fit the learning styles of participants for maximized learning. Kids learn through dynamic activities and high-impact learning experiences as early as 6 years old.

I was told that the workshop would start this weekend, July 30 and would run for 10 Saturdays, 2 hours from 1-3pm.

Several Conflicts though:
- She has to undergo assessment prior to attending the workshop which starts this Saturday; Schedule Conflict.
- Her ballet class is from 11am- 1230 and they might have an assessment this Saturday.
- We need to attend a seminar in Paranaque immediately after her ballet class.

After discussing my predicament, I was told that she can start on August 6, provided that we can take her for her assessment next week before Saturday.

I spoke with Teacher Nida, her ballet teacher, and she is willing to move her class to an earlier time on Saturdays so we can have ample travel time to Alabang for the 1pm workshop at La Vie Institute. OR she could attend the Wednesday class.

Green light everywhere! 

We've involved McKenzie in all the discussion and we've made her aware of the schedule and the effort that we all had to put in to make it happen.

She is excited! I know that when I read the program topics, most of it were big words for her but the passion to learn makes her realize how blessed she is to have the chance to be part of it.

I will (hopefully) write about every step we'd take for this new adventure for McKenzie.

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