How to Register to GCash

The Concierge Online is a staffing agency in Odesk which I established together with my husband.

Our team of Odesk contractors grew from 5 people (mostly our siblings who are also doing online work via Odesk) to a team of roughly 60 people (and growing!). Our contractors are from all over the Philippines and we also have some who are working in the Middle East.

Our contractor's salary gets into The Concierge Online's account and we transfer it via Paypal or BPI.

However, not everyone has a Paypal Account and I've reached the maximum number of allowed third party accounts for BPI.

I had to look for an alternative way to get our contractors' money to them. I tried Western Union but the charges are really expensive!

My sister who owns an online store, Stuff Ink, introduced me to GCash.

I am blogging about it so I can also share it to my contractors.

First Step: How to Register:


Important Notes:
  • Make sure you use the name that appears exactly the same in your valid ID as you need to present one when you need to encash your GCash to Cash.

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