Blessings & Transitions

You change your life by changing your heart.

My last post was my first post for 2017--- written on the second of January.

It was promising and I was really hopeful that I could write more this year but again... life happened and I haven't been able to write anything.

So here... let me try it once more...

Every moment of your life is a second chance. 

Rick Price 

Last week, two major changes happened to us--- Kenny decided not to renew his brand endorsement and my biggest contract (40hrs weekly) ended unexpectedly.

The latter was a big blow and will definitely have a great impact on our finances.

For a minute or two, I felt scared--- we just finalized the details of McKenzie’s 7th birthday party next month and we need to save up for the scheduled payments over the next weeks.

Almost the same time last year, same thing happened to me. And I was sad for weeks (or probably even months!) until I was able to get the contract the I recently lost.

What changed?
A lot.

It helps a lot that I have a renewed relationship with God after we were able to join both a Marriage Encounter  and Life in the Spirit seminars last year thru our JJCC family.

It’s been a week since we faced those challenges and I am happy to say that I haven’t felt anxious or depressed. Totally different with how I felt last year.

My husband asked me the other day how I am doing... and I told him a bit sad but somehow, I feel excited about what God has planned for me.

I’ve been sending out proposals for a new job but only 1 out of 11 received a response--- a bit unusual.

In the absence of work, I was able to attend to a number of pending KANSIS Made tasks .

And I was able to do this blog post. 

Thanks for Reading!


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