First Post for 2017 (with the hope of writing more...)

I've been meaning to write a year end post before the new year comes but... again, busy WAHM life happened.

The past year, I haven't wrote much about my WAHM life.

I reviewed and bulk of my posts came from PR releases or event invites.

I remember why my blog started... it was for me to have a way to put out my feelings and thoughts into writing.

And I hope to get back to doing that again.

A lot of things happened the past year, some sad, most happy... there were a lot of challenges but we were also blessed abudantly, not with material things but with love, hope and contentment.

If you are following me on Instagram and on Facebook, you know that KANSIS Made had a lot of milestones last year- Kenny was asked to become Dremel's Brand Ambassador. Dremel is a brand by Bosch Philippines.

It has opened a lot of avenues for him to showcase and share his skills.

A big leap for us as a couple also happened when we both decided to join a Marriage Encounter weekend last July. The weekend has opened our eyes to our marriage and I would say a lot of good things has happened since then.

Well, I am going to write (crossed fingers) separate posts about those soon. Because I want to talk about them more.

McKenzie got promoted to Green for ballet. She is in Grade 1 and she is doing really well in school. She was also able to attend a TOTAL Personality Development Workshop with La Vie Institute.

KANSIS Made is now officially registered as a business! BIR compliance needs my attention this year!

Sorry for the scattered thoughts. I haven't written anything for a long time.

Kenny and I both agreed that the past holiday season was carefree, less stress. And it's not because we had the money to spend for gifts, get togethers, or staycations. It's also not because we have a lot of time in our disposal. It's because we have learned to be content with what we have and be happy.

In the past years, I chased happiness thinking it would make the holiday season a good one. I tried to give gifts from the pocket and not from the heart. I was always desperately trying to schedule a staycation to celebrate. I expect friends to find the time to meet up and feel disappointed if they can't.

But this year, everything changed... and I'm carefree.

The WAHM, Dulce Javier- Ansis

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