TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters at La Vie: Knowing Myself and My Family

Yesterday was McKenzie's first Saturday at La Vie Institute for her TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters Program.

She woke up very excited about her first day.

We left Imus around 1130 am but got to La Vie almost half past 1 in the afternoon. We need to leave earlier next week.

Kenny and I stayed at a restaurant that serves coffee so we can work.

We fetched her at 3pm and we were told that she cried because she was hungry.  We had an early lunch in Imus and travelled more than 2 hours. We should've packed her some snacks for the long trip.

Another lesson learned.

We had snacks after and she happily told us about her first day.

She is very happy because she also has her own binder with her name on it!

I am unable to get a full picture of what she learned today but that's okay. She went on telling us about her classmates and what they did and she is happy. 

She is happy and comfortable, that's more than enough for me.

The WAHM, Dulce Javier- Ansis

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