Pokémon Go: Go Wild Catching ‘em all at Singapore’s Wildlife Parks!

Pokemon Go is now officially a global craze with fans worldwide vying to be the country’s next Pokemon Master.

To that end Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), the holding company of award-winning attractions Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari and Singapore Zoo, welcomes aspiring trainer visitors with a “Wildlife Survival Guide” which arms them with a new special edition “Pokémon Go Map” designed for each park. 

With a total of 78 Pokéstops and 8 Pokémon Gyms to be found across all four wildlife parks, visitors can embark on their quest to ‘”be the very best” here at the WRS. While taking in majestic views of the animals, most of them rare and royal, trainer visitors can also take the opportunity to seek out rare Pokémon creatures around the parks. There are reports of Snorlax found lounging at the entrance of Singapore Zoo, precious Eevees seen visiting the new baby elephant at Night Safari, a Spearow perched on a tree with the lories at Lory Loft of Jurong Bird Park, and rare glimpses of the awe-inspiring Gyarados swimming with the manatees at the Amazon Flooded Forest in River Safari.

What’s more, WRS is now offering “ParkHopper Specials” that offer admission to all four parks for the price of two. 

Child (3 – 12 years old)
4-Park Admission:
Singapore Zoo
Night Safari
River Safari
Jurong Bird Park

*Terms and conditions apply. For more information, please visit http://www.zoo.com.sg/visitor-info/park-hopper-specials.html

I have copies of the four “Pokémon Go Maps” that will help visitors find rare catches and win virtual items. There is no better time than now to head to the wildlife reserves for a wild adventure! Comment below with your email so I can send them to you.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) is dedicated to the management of world-class leisure attractions that foster conservation and research while educating visitors about animals and their habitats. To find out more, visit www.wrs.com.sg

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