TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters at La Vie: Assessment

McKenzie went inside La Vie Institute for the first time yesterday. It was her scheduled assessment in preparation for her TOTAL Personality Development for Youngsters Workshop that she will join on Saturday, Aug 6.

The first session for this run started last Saturday.

We had a Mid Term PTC with her class adviser before we set off for Alabang.

We were in La Vie Institute 15 minutes before our schedule (5pm) but we were warmly welcomed by Ivy, Karen and Monica.

McKenzie immediately made herself comfortable. She sat on their comfy sofa and was obviously amazed by stylish design of the place.

Ivy and Monica chatted with her for a few minutes before she was asked to go into the orange room with Ivy for her assessment. It was a one on one session and we had to stay at the receiving area and wait.

Monica stayed and talked to us. It was such a good conversation; we didn't mind the long wait.

McKenzie and Ivy came out from the Orange Room and the little girl looked more comfortable.

Next part of the assessment session is to discuss with us the result so we were ushered to the orange room by Ivy.

They were kind enough to provide McKenzie with colouring pages and crayons so she can do some colouring while she waits for us.

Ivy had a lot of good feedback about McKenzie's assessment.

Her feedback is accurate and very close to how we also observe her.

We were told that she danced ballet, talked about the things that she love- Jager, Music, Art and also shared a quick made up story.

The conversation we had with Ivy was overwhelming because she only had good things to say about her.

We were also given a chance to talk about her- how she is at home, in school, with friends; what she loves to do; how she is on certain situations, etc.

We also had the chance to tell her that we would like to always remind McKenzie to keep her feet on the ground. She does well in school and gets good grades and awards, we are proud of her but most of the time, we have to consciously tone down the praises we give her to make sure that she'd be able to handle failure the same way she handles success.

She is really an exceptional student who gets really good grades but somehow, we fear that if we play that up too much on her. She would always expect herself to be excellent and a bit of a downfall might be too much for her.

We've encountered several situations wherein she'd feel bad when she does something for the first time and won't get it right. We sometimes have a hard time letting her understand that it is normal not to get it right the first time.

Don't get us wrong. We are proud of her achievements and everyday we find ourselves always thanking God for giving us a wonderful daughter. However, we have to make her understand that grades and achievements are not the most important thing in the world.

She has a good heart and we always thank her for being an obedient daughter and a helpful child.

She is going to be 6 this month and has a long way to go but we know she would enjoy the journey. She is very enthusiastic about life and we love how she recognizes all the blessings that come along.

We were given a student handbook and a list of the things that she needs to bring.

We had to attend a community prayer meeting in Paranaque so we had to leave immediately after.

The only photo I was able to take during her assessment.

McKenzie told us they had a quick tour of La Vie. She is very much excited that when I told her the workshop would only run for 9 Saturdays, she frowned. When I asked why:

 "But I'm going to miss it after the 9 Saturdays are over! What am I going to do after then?"

She is definitely excited about the workshop.

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