The 3K Summer Challege- Planning

Been a long time since I wrote a personal post.

I am writing this in the midst of a very busy day- McKenzie's Summer Recital this afternoon, cooking spam and fried rice for brunch while working and finishing my hours for the week.

But I am excited about our 3K Summer Challenge, I want to write about what we've planned so far.

Time and Money constraints won't allow us to go beyond 3,000PhP for a beach getaway.

We'd normally avail of an overnight package for such a getaway but doing so would mean settling for a resort that might fall short of our requirements.

So we decided-- Day Trip to the beach!

Top 3 Resorts- Virgin Beach Resort in Laiya, Aquaria and Stilts both in Calatagan.

Virgin Beach Resort- No Pool. Day Trip Area is separate from the sandy beach part that we loved when we went there.
Aquaria- Fairly New. Not much feedback online.
Stilts- Beach, Pool. Lots of good feedback online. Free for 6yo below.

Our Choice- Stilts Calatagan!

We decided it's best to go on a weekday- Thursday, mainly because it's our coding day.

I sent a reservation request via email and received a reply within a few minutes.

We were assigned to a cozy nook good for 5-10 persons. It's a table and bench under a tree in Harmony Beach area. It looks really nice on their website. I checked the ground plan and the said nook is near the shower area, restaurant and pool. So, perfect.

We were told there's no need to pay deposit--- another plus point! We can just pay for the total amount due when we get to the resort.

Breakdown of Fees:Entrance Fee @Php385/head     770.00 *2 adults 1 child (free of charge)
Rent of Cozy Nook      600.00
Applicable Cottage Inclusions:
*Welcome refreshments at the Resort
*Free use of pool and beach area.
*Use of Cozy Nook

That's 1370 leaving us with 1630 for food, gas and other expenses at the resort. Wish me luck!

They also sent us a list of activities at the resort and we might let McKenzie try the kayak.

Day Tour is from 8am- 6pm according to the email.

We are planning to leave Imus by 4am, breakfast along the way and be there before 8am.
They have a reasonably priced restaurant where we intend to have our lunch and probably order some snacks in the afternoon.

Check them out-

The WAHM, Dulce Javier- Ansis

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