DIY Laundromat Experience

Wow! First Post for 2016...
December and January were both very busy months.

Last Monday, our spinner broke down. The washer has been ailing for months already... Just lucky to have a husband who knows how to tinker around with our appliances and make them do the work even without some functionalities.

For fulltime parents like us, laundry is an almost whole day task.

The DIY Laundry Shop experience was wonderful. We decided it's the best option we have until we can afford an automatic washer and dryer.
I love doing the laundry but doing it even with a washing machine has become too much of a task for a fulltime WAHM.
Our laundry baskets were weighed when we got there. We had 12kilos worth (one set of bed linens, 3 bath towels and 4 days clothes) so we need to do 2 loads.
Luckily, a lot of machines were available so we used 2 washers simultaneously.
WASHING took 2 packs of Tide powder, 2 caps of Downy and 35 mins of waiting time.
Laundry were transferred to the Dryer Machines, another 40mins.
Comforter did not fully dry so we were told we can extend the machine for 12pesos/8mins. We extended for another 16.
They have a clean and large enough folding area with lifetime tables so it took us about 20minutes only.

Almost 4 hours if we are to include the drive to and fro but we were able to relax and bond as a family.
With my normal laundry at home, it takes me 3 hours to finish the actual laundry, sun drying requires about 3-4hrs then another 30 mins folding time.

How much?
65 per load for the washer, max 8kilos
60 per load for the dryer, max 8 kilos

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