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A Much Needed “ME” Time for the WAHM

The challenges we’ve encountered in the past months has taken away the time and moolah that we normally allot for our couple ME time. The husband’s been busy with KANSIS Made, and suffered from dengue fever, the daughter’s been busy with school and ballet.

When an invite from University of Perpetual Help Dalta for Mommy Bloggers from the south to try their Perps Skin and Body Center and Medspa came, I just couldn’t say no.
The daughter has a scheduled pictorial for their school’s yearbook so I had to make sure everything’s set before I leave. It’s my first time to take public transport to Las Pinas so I made thorough research on my route---  trike to Aguinaldo Hiway, Jeep marked Zapote Kabila, get off Puregold, board an Alabang bound jeep then get off Times.

Of all the days, it had to rain on that day. The Perps Skin and Body Center and Medspa is located inside the Wellness Complex of the University of Perpetual Help Dalta in Las Pinas.
I was gleefully welcomed by their manager, Marge, who turned me over to a sales consultant who toured me inside the spa. I tried to take pictures but no decent ones came out. Sorry.
Here are mental notes from the tour:
  • Their spa rooms are for individual or couples- with ensuite shower and restrooms, a sink and a Body Massage bed.
  • The spa is relaxingly quiet.
  • They have friendly staff.

After the tour, I was turned over to my therapist who would work on my Body Scrub and Body Massage. I was ushered into a couple room where my fellow mommy blogger, Jen, is already having hers.
It was actually my first time to have body scub done. When I got pregnant , I’ve asked my husband to treat me to one when I give birth but time and budget has always made it impossible.
Here are my notes on the Body Scrub and Body Massage therapy:
  • The room was quiet, temperature was comfortable. There’d been some spas I’ve tried where the room’s too cold, it was hard to relax. Perps Skin and Body Center and Medspa’s room temperature was perfect.
  • The bed was really comfy.
  • Their linens- towels, robes, blankets and pillows smelled good and clean.
  • The Body Scrub was heavenly! The scrub they used smelled really good and the strokes done by my therapist was good. I felt I lost a kilo after the scrub!
  • The Body Massage was a perfect ending to the session.
  • The ensuite shower room had a temperature concern so we had to settle for the cold water but it wasn’t much of a big issue for me because I am not used to hot showers even on cold December mornings.

I was able to chat with Jen while we were having the hot tea inside the room before we were asked to proceed to the Facial Spa and Diamond Peel area.
Notes on the Facial Spa and Diamond Peel Service:
  • The room is just for one person--- PRIVACY!
  • They have Registered Nurses for their Aestheticians.
  • The Facial Spa didn’t hurt a bit because the steam was running even during the pricking part.
  • It was my first time to try the Diamond Peel and I think I should have it done on a regular basis.

My overall experience at the Medspa was 9/10 (the cold shower activated my rhinitis so there goes that 1 point).
What surprised me is how affordable their rates are! Body Massage for 350, Body Scrub for 500, Facial Spa for 450. They also have packages where you can combine several treatments or buy GCs and save!
Visit or call them to know more about their services:
Perps Skin and Body Center and Medspa at the Wellness Complex
University of Perpetual Help Dalta Medical Center (UPHDMC)
Alabang, Zapote Road Las Pinas

Phone: 02 874-8515 loc 724.

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