Patience: One Toy Every Week

M is a kid blessed with a lot of things.

Her room is full of toys.
Her shelves are stacked with books.
Her closets packed with nice clothing.

Our family loves her dearly.
Our friends adore her.

She receives a lot of gifts on her birthday, during Christmas and even when school ends or when she has a ballet show.
This Week's Toy

Gifts means more clothes, books and TOYS.

To ensure she getsto appreciate all the toys that were given to her, after her 5th birthday, we implemented a rule. She can only open 1 toy every friday. That's one toy per week.

Actually, we initially asked her if she would be okay to open 1 toy per month and she agreed.

We had to modify it because doing it once a month would mean she would still have unopened gifts on her next birthday and Christmas is just around the corner too.

During Christmas, her school asks us to bring wrapped toys (even preloved ones) for less fortunate children and it's our chance to ask McKenzie to let go of some. We give her a box where she can put those she no longer plays with often.

We also used to bring toys to Jollibee and McKenzie is always so happy to receive her toy scout badge from them.

McKenzie takes care of her toys very well. She stores them properly after playtime. She never lost a toy or even a part of a toy because her play area in her bedroom is always neat and organized.

So we respect her and allows her to make decision about her stuff.

We want her to appreciate each toy she receives because we know those are gifts. They were chosen by people who love her. Thus the rule of One Toy every Week

She is very cooperative about it and never asks us to change the rules.

She is a patient child.

She comes home early on Fridays, with no homework for the weekend (thanks to her school), and with an envelope full of Great Work from school (modules, seatworks and artworks) and she deserves to open 1 New Toy.

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