KANSIS Made at the Maker's Market

My husband does his Kansis Made Woodwork projects along side his fulltime job as a data analyst and being a Dad.


A month ago, he thought of joining a craft expo. I told him he has my 100% support.
The opportunity came when he read about the upcoming Maker's Market September 26-27 at the 2L Bridgeway of Estancia at Capitol Commons.
Exhibitors were screened so he submitted KANSIS Made Details and patiently waited.

Wonderful news arrived today when he received an email saying he got chosen to be one of the crafters!

He is joining on the second day, Sept 27.

Check this link for the complete list of crafters: http://makersmarket.ph/who-youll-be-seeing-at-the-makers-market-at-estancia-at-the-end-of-the-month/

No promises but I will try to write more about the days approaching Sept 27.

A proud wife here.

I hope to see you there: https://www.facebook.com/events/998660203511999/

KANSIS Made, A Random Guy and Faith

Two weeks ago, my husband had to let go his fulltime job as a data analyst to be able to focus on KANSIS Made.