Great Deal: The Kids Book Club of La Vie Institute Buddy Discount

La Vie Institute is offering the BUDDY DISCOUNT that would allow you to enroll 2 kids for the price of 1 for  and it's available for a limited time only! That's about 300PhP for each session!

Make weekends fun and educational for your kids!

Take them to a fun-filled workshop every Saturday where books are brought to life in a space that would inspire them to be creative, expressive and collaborative with others.

The workshop runs for 2 hours and is facilitated by experienced early childhood educators who provide a safe and dynamic environment for your child to develop confidence, reading aptitude and verbal skills. 

The workshop utilizes various learning activities to target multiple skill sets using a theatre-based approach.

Make your kids feel that learning isn't hard work because at the Kids Book Club, learning is so much fun, the time flies while learning! 

Workshops run every Saturday from 10:30-12:30.
Call them at 831-7414 or 0917-7723010 to enroll.

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