Are We Ready for A Fur Baby?

M always wanted a dog but we would always tell her our house is too small for a dog and she wouldn't insist.

Last week, her pet turtle passed away.
As her mom I know it hurts but she haven't talked to us about it.
A few weeks ago, a good friend visited with their shih tzu and we saw how well behaved it was.
It made us think if we can give in to M's request now.

So we brought her to a nearby petshop. She fell in love with a chihuahua.
We dropped by Tiendesitas on our way home from Antipolo and she added pomeranian to her list of choices.

I then asked friends about their recommended breed- a family in a small townhouse with a 5yo kid and an asthmatic mom. The Chi and Pom are no no's for me because their shedding can trigger allergies and asthma.

So I researched and found several lists:,,20307349,00.html

Then I asked for recommended breeders because according to friends, it's not advisable to get a pup from pet shops and we should consider getting from breeders instead.

Another post coming up about the breeder we found and about the pup we decided to get.

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