Gardenia Plant Tour with Mommy Bloggers Philippines

Last Friday, some members of Mommy Bloggers Philippines went to the Gardenia Plant for a tour.
We were allowed to bring 1 kid so the little one was really excited.
Their school organize field trips for students Grades 3 students and older only so the plant tour is something I wouldn't want her to miss. An added bonus is the chance to be in an educational fun tour with her cousin.

The bus would fetch mommies from the south at the Family Mart in Parksquare Makati at 8am so we decided to leave at 6am to catch the UV Express to Ayala. I wanted to be there an hour early as I also scheduled a quick meet up with a good friend at 7am.

We waited a long time for a van but were in Makati a few minutes past 7am. We got off at the corner near Dusit along Arnaiz and walked to our destination. M was thrilled with the adventure of riding public transport with just me. She was behaved during the ride from Imus to Makati and was cooperative during our walkathon from Arnaiz.

Some mommy bloggers and their kids were there already and I was able to do a quick catch up with my friend. The bus was a bit delayed but energy went up when we got it. Mommy bloggers from the North were picked up near Trinoma.

M was excited to see her cousin and they asked to sit together.

When M and her cousin saw the Gardenia Inflatable that looked like a giant pack a gardenia loaf, they were more than eager to get off the bus.

There was a thoughtful welcome message hanging at the door!
Gardee, the official mascot of Gardenia was waiting for the kids.
We were led to an Audio Visual Room and were served refreshments while being oriented about the plant tour.

Gardenia shared a one of a kind special treat for Mommy Bloggers Philippines because according to them "Super Moms Deserve Only World-Class Quality."

We had a fun bonding and learning experience with Gardenia Plant Tour. It was made special with kids’ participation in preparing special treats for us in a Gardenia recipe demo and a surprise Gardenia bread treats buffet surely delighted our senses! 

More photos can be found on Gardenia's Facebook Page

Here are photos at the Gardenia Plant:


Want to know more about Gardenia?
You can schedule you own FREE Gardenia Plant Tour with your Family and Friends
Call Jerome Lim (02) 889-8889 to 90, 845-0971 to book.

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