McKenzie in K1: Our First Family Day in SEIS

Today, we experienced for the first time Family Day in St. Edward Integrated School.

We're in the green team, following McKenzie's team during their sports fest. Families who have several kids followed the color of the eldest.

There's a family mass in the morning and we were asked to be one of their class' representatives for the offertory.

There was a limit of 2 family members per kid so the school grounds weren't too crowded.

We had to bring McKenzie to her classroom because they need to prepare for their field demonstration. Kenny and I had quick breakfast at the canteen before proceeding to the gym.

There were booths selling food, toys, clothes and home stuff while some offered services like face paint and photo booth.

After their dance number, McKenzie and her classmate Kate ate lunch at the canteen before going back to the classroom to play.

We chose to go around the game booths rather than stay at the gym for the family games. A ticket for the game booths costs 5 pesos. Not bad.

I was amazed at how McKenzie played at the Nerf shooting booth. She held the gun with one hand and was able to land 5 out of 6 bullets on the target. I used to be a member of the UP RPT so I am extremely proud that McKenzie is showing some potential for my sport.

We tried their photo booth. She wanted to try the face paint booth too but the line was really long.

Kenny watched the basketball games while we stayed in McKenzie's classroom. She was having a fun time playing with her classmates.

We went to the 2nd Floor and found a Kiddie Salon that did their hair and make up for Free! She was so happy because it was her first time.

We joined her dad at the gym and watched basketball. We left in the middle of the second game because we were tired already. We dropped off her classmate at their home and took a long nap when we got home.

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