Enchanted Kingdom for VDay 2015 and Outstanding K1 Q3 Grades- McKenzie's First

We've been planning to bring McKenzie to Enchanted Kingdom.

We didn't want to go on a weekend or a holiday because we hate long lines.

We both agreed to take her to Enchanted Kingdom last Friday. A timely reward for good grades (excellent--- 97.0 average) for the 3rd Quarter and VDay which she is very much into.

The last time we were in Enchanted Kingdom was in 2008 (or was it 2009?) for Teletech's Family Day. There were a lot of people and lines were really long for the rides.

We hoped that since it was Friday, a school day for most, it would be different... And it was!

We had to go to her school first to get her report card and attend a parents' meeting which we expected to end by 1030, we were able to leave SEIS before 12nn.

The little girl was so excited that when we asked where she wants to eat lunch, she said "Let's go to Enchanted Kingdom now!" She immediately dozed off (we told her, if she wants to really enjoy Enchanted Kingdom, she needs to pack some energy by napping on our way there). So it was drive thru Jollibee Burger Meal for our lunch.

We woke her up when we arrived and she looked amazed! A day ticket costs 500 PHP and since McKenzie was measured to be 39", hers cost 250 PHP, limited rides based on height requirement.

Photos will give a better story of what happened the moment we have our tickets.

She was so happy to finally get in!

McKenzie: Enough Pictures! Rides now!

A Map!
Grand Carousel
Stone Eggs
Air Pterodactyl
Dino Soar 'Us
Bumbling Boulders (Cupcakes according to McKenzie)
Petreefied House
Up, Up and Away
Roller Skater
McKenzie survived the Roller Skater!

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