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Manila Workshops: Prep to Prime Workshop Series (AWWPTP2015)

What: Prep to Prime Workshop Series (Referral Code: AWWPTP2015)

Keeping my kid’s digital footprint safe
February 28, 2015
10:30 am - 2:00 pm
Fend Off that Bully: Proactive Tips and Techniques
May 2, 2015
10:30 am - 2:00 pm
Study and Play: How should my kids divide their time?
July 11, 2015
10:30 am - 2:00 pm

Where: Mothercare Podium

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The Life Skills Series
Children need life skills taught to them at an early age so that they become more resilient adults later on in life. The topics in this series aim to provide both parents and children with the knowledge of different approaches, techniques, life stories and shared experiences so that parents would be able to go back and apply these to their children. Likewise, children will have a greater appreciation of why such skills are needed, making for less resistance in the home when parents try to apply these.
Who should attend these workshops:
We want to invite parents who want to learn how to teach their children life skills that may come in handy in various stages of their life. These are parents of children aged 6 to 17 years old who are going to school or are currently in Grade School to College. These are hands-on parents who would like the very best for their children.

Keeping my kid’s digital footprint safe (February 28, 2014; 10:30AM to 2:00PM – Venue: Mothercare Podium)
Did you know that anything you did from the very first time you went online till now is still somewhere in cyberspace? Believe it or not, whatever you search for, whatever you write or post, is a permanent imprint in cyberspace ­­ even if you delete it! Your digital footprint is everything on the internet that is about you. Everyone who uses the Internet has a digital footprint, so it is not something to be worried about. However, it is wise to consider what trail of data your kids are leaving behind. How can you, as a parent, help them take care of their digital footprint?
1. Why is it cool to be a good digital citizen (spectogram : sharing of a range of point of views to understand where people are coming from)
2. Privacy on social networks
3. How to protect your privacy online
4. Explanation of some portions of the Data Privacy Act & Cybercrime law that may affect children and their parents
5. Stories of good and bad things that happen online
6. Ways to Make a Positive Digital Footprint!
7. Building a digital trust fund for young kids
8. Online projects/causes that parents can participate in with their kids
Fend Off that Bully: Proactive Tips and Techniques (May 2, 2015; 10:30AM to 2:00PM – Venue: Mothercare Podium)
Has your child ever been bullied? Has he/she ever been the bully? Bullying is wrong! It is behavior that makes the person being bullied feel afraid or uncomfortable. We want children to know how to not be victimized and to be armed with strategies which will empower them if they are being bullied. We want kids to know that it is ok to speak up, to tell and to ask for help when dealing with a bully. It does not mean you are a “tattler” or that you are “weak”. It means that you are smart and know how to stay safe.
1. What is bullying?
2. Types and Methods of Bullying (physical, psychological, verbal, cyberbullying)
3. Who gets involved in bullying?
4. Warning signs that a child might be engaging in bullying behavior or being bullied.
5. Case studies of bullying
6. Anti¬-Bullying Act of 2013 and Anti­Bullying Policies of the school
7. Having a safe environment at home and in school
8. How to help your child protect himself/herself ­- Be proactive
Study and Play: How should my kids divide their time? (July 11, 2015; 10:30AM to 2:00PM – Venue: Mothercare Podium)
Why should I teach my child to manage his time? I can’t even manage my own! There’s no better time to start than today. Showing your child early on how to manage his time is a skill he can use for life. Time Management is the thinking skill that helps children to prioritize tasks and complete duties in a timely manner These involve general strategies and ideas to help your children figure out how to make the best choices and get things done, while still having time to be kids.
1. Spectrogram: Views on time management scenarios
2. Setting the example
3. 10 Tips to Teach Your Kids Time Management
4. The right time management tools
5. Games, apps and toys on time management
6. Possible case studies of time management for kids
Venue to be announced soon! :)
Speakers and the Women behind Prep2Prime Digital
Noemi Lardizabal-Dado, known as @momblogger in social networks, advocates constructive engagement in issues on family & society. She believes making a difference in her children ‘s life means making a difference in the world by using social media for social good. As the social business consultant, she is responsible for the development of visions, goals, plans, and resources that align social media initiatives with business objectives.
Noemi studied Masters in Business Administration at the Ateneo School of Business with a focus on Corporate Planning in 1980-1983.
Jane T. Uymatiao is known in social network circles as @philippinebeat but she also has a global yoga community where she engages online as @yogajane. Her work background is corporate, having spent more than 15 years as an IT auditor and consultant at SGV & Co. and another 2.5 years as VP-Head of RCBC’s Corporate Planning Division. She left to become full-time parent to their 4 children, during which time blogging and yoga became her passions. She is one of the early adopters of social media and now actively uses it to engage online with the social media accounts of brands, government, agencies, legislators, movers and shakers, and netizens. She is a strong believer in social media’s role in effecting change for the betterment of a brand, a company or even a country.
Jane has a Master’s degree in Business Administration, major in International Business with a focus on Strategic Planning, from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She is also a certified yin yoga teacher

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