McKenzie's Snow White Dress, My First Alteration Job

McKenzie's school had their Storybook Parade yesterday.

We could've easily settled for Elsa and use the stunning Elsa dress made by her Fairy Godmothers Mira and Abner but we  thought a lot of girls would go as Elsa.

We wanted to make her wear Astrid again but schedule was really tight.
Before Frozen, Snow White was McKenzie's favorite Princess.

I told Ken this is the perfect chance for us to grant her wish to be Snow White.

We were able to buy a Snow White dress with a red cape after scouting several stores. McKenzie knew what she wanted- puffy sleeves, red cape, tall white collar, long skirt. There was no way I could talk her out of the Snow White dress Image she wanted.

The dress we got was a bit too big for her, here's a photo:

I wanted to look really fit on her so I had to decide whether to take it to the local seamstress or do it myself. I decided to do the latter.

Adjusted all the seams of the blouse and also the attachment to the skirt to make it fall properly on her waist.

Snow White needs the gold trim in the middle but I didn't want to use the yellow gold sequins or lace. I wanted it to be subtle so I decided to put these simple flower beads, 7 beads to represent Snow White's 7 dwarves.

The red cape, McKenzie's favorite item needs a little embellishment too, I used the left over stuff that I used on her Arabian Princess 3rd Birthday Costume.

The headband was the final touch.

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