Ballet, McKenzie's New Journey

The search is over!

We chose Ballet Dance Academy here in Imus for McKenzie.

After going through several inquiries and trials, we decided to enroll her to Ballet Dance Academy for two reasons:

Proximity- BDA's Studio is located in the commercial area of Imus. It means we can probably  do errands (bill payments, bank transactions, buy stuff) while she is in class. It is just a trike away from our place. During those times that Kenny can't drive us there, we can easily go to her class, and we did so yesterday. Kenny was in Las Pinas for business.

Specialization- Although BDA offer other dance classes aside from ballet, I believe, based on my research that ballet is their specialty because their directress, Ms Nida Pangan is a ballerina. Her background in ballet is truly impressive and when we talked to her yesterday,
Her passion for ballet was very evident.

McKenzie will start her Primary Ballet Lessons next week.

I hope to write another post detailing Ballet Dance Academy's Dance Programs soon.

If you have questions, please feel free to comment and I will so my best to reply.

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