McKenzie's Room Make over: Shelving System

McKenzie's Room Make over Project started 2 months ago-- getting all non- McKenzie stuff out of the room, and painting the walls Lilac- a shade of her favorite color.

Laminated Wood Planks- Kenny's measurement, had them cut and laminated at the wood workshop nearby

Last week, Kenny finally found the time to install the shelving units that should be able to house her toys and books. He also included a long table where she could play, write, and color.

The following day, we were able to sell the 2 old computer tables and plastic shelves that used to hold her toys.
The planning, material sourcing and buying took more than a month but installation was just 4 hours. Thanks to Handy Kenny and his tools.
He was able to finish before McKenzie got home from school. The little client was very happy with the project.
Next phase--- Bed and Closet System

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