McKenzie in Kinder 1: 1st Quarter Report Card and PTC

It's McKenzie's 2nd year in school. She went to Ashtonville School here in Imus for her nursery.

This year, she asked to be transferred to a bigger school. It was a tough decision to make because our initial plan was to make her attend pre- elementary in a school nearby then move her to a big school for Grade 1.

We checked out several schools in the area and opted for St. Edward Integrated School. I will try to write another post for that decision. Enrolling her in SEIS also meant making her ride a school service which fetch her an hour and 30 minutes before her class and brings her home an hour after her dismissal.

But she seems happy with her new school and her school service. Despite the long travel, we don't need to push her to go to school because she is always excited to go.

Yesterday, we were scheduled to get her report card and have a meeting with Teacher Grace.

We were there a few minutes early but Teacher Grace allowed us in and we started with the meeting. McKenzie was with us but I already briefed her about the need to behave during our meeting with her teacher so she just sat there while we were talking to her teacher.

I knew she was doing well in school but I didn't expect the turn out of her grades.

 Teacher Grace also seemed happy as she told us that McKenzie's average for the 1st Quarter is 98.5, 100 being the highest and that she is the top 1 for her class and that she will receive a certificate for High Honors Award. I read about the honor system of SEIS in the handbook and learned they don't award top 1, 2, 3, 4 quarterly but they have With Honors Award and With High Honors Award.
Only 1 letter prevailed on her report card- A. Teacher Grace went on to explain what each item meant and why McKenzie got an A for each but I wasn't there 100% anymore, I was in heaven. A represents Advanced Level---Exceeding the core requirements in terms of knowledge, skills and understanding, and can transfer them automatically and flexibly through authentic performance tasks.

The conference with Teacher Grace was dynamic and enlightening. We were able to exchange particulars about McKenzie in school and at home. Having an education background, it pleases me to hear how Teacher Grace talks about McKenzie. Her words show the high level of attention and assistance they are being given at school.

On the other hand, the results made us a bit anxious--- the bar was set up too high early and somehow there’d be pressure to keep it there until the end of the school year. But as parents, we'll try to assist McKenzie the best way we can and ensure she'll have fun all the time.

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