McKenzie: Her 4th Birthday Dress

Like most little girls, McKenzie loves the movie Frozen so much. She loves Elsa more than she loves Anna and for her 4th birthday, she wanted to wear an Elsa dress.

The party we planned was a simple brunch at Jollibee- just for her to be with family, friends and classmates. A Frozen theme was out of the question. Kenny didn't want to get her an off the rack or even those custom made sold online. Daddy won't give in, Daughter wants it soo much. What to do.

A few days before her party, we went to SM to buy her party dress. She chose an elegant blue dress with champagne gold details.

It was Elsa, but not really.

Mira- her fairy godparent to the rescue! I asked if Abner (Mira's life partner who happens to be a stylist for GMA) could make a play cape for McKenzie. I sent them pictures of the dress we bought from SM and what happened next was beyond my control.

I wanted to surprise McKenzie so we coordinated only through viber and facebook. They asked for her measurements and when I asked, apparently, they will make a skirt for her too. They sent me photos of the development and it was really too much compared to the original request.

I was so thrilled when I saw the final product that I had to think of something to highlight it during her party.

McKenzie wanted to sing Let it Go, Mira and I decided to incorporate the reveal during her song number. So the plan was to put the skirt, cape and head dress before the last chorus. Transformation will happen during the part where Elsa is building her ice castle.

The plan went well and the little girl is really happy. She also finished the song.

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