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Wahmmy's Choice of HMO: Medicard

3rd year with Medicard!

My husband and I are both freelancers, thus, no work, no pay set up, no bonuses and no corporate HMO. However, an HMO is something we cannot go without especially with a newborn baby back in 2010.

After reviewing several, the most convenient and cost effective HMO in my opinion is Medicard.

You can apply and process payment ONLINE!

Here are steps you should take:

Visit their website:

Online Application:


Individual and Family Plans- These plans are specifically created for individuals and families who want to have coverage for hospitalization, out-patient, preventive healthcare, emergency, member's financial assistance, and dental care. Individual and family plans range from Plan 550 to Plan 2,500 to suit one's need.
VIP Plan- MediCard VIP plans are for those who want to have more comprehensive healthcare coverage. On top of the extensive hospitalization, out-patient, preventive healthcare, emergency, member's financial assistance and dental care coverage, MediCard VIP plans also come with healthcare assistance during an emergency abroad.

MediCard allows you to choose what's important for you. From basic room to suite accommodation or with our without access to 5 star hospitals. The choice is yours. Simply tick your preferred plan to see how it would benefit you.

WITHOUT 5 Star Hospitals
Plan 550
Plan 800
WITH 5 Star Hospitals (AHMC - Asian Hospital and Medical Center, MMC - Makati Medical Center, SLMC - St. Luke's Medical Center, TMC - The Medical City , CSMC - Cardinal Santos Medical Center)
Plan 1500
Plan 2500

Payment Options:
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Bank Deposit
  • Over the Counter Payment at the Cashier's Office of Medicard
Every year, you can follow the same steps for the renewal.

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