McKenzie and Mikayla at the Barbie Live! Show

I was lucky to receive complimentary VIP tickets to the Barbie Live! Opening Show last Dec 11, 2013 at the MOA Arena. There were 5 tickets so I went there with McKenzie, Ate Donna, Mikayla and Mama.
The show starts at 11am so it was challenging on the schedule again. I had to prepare McKenzie's outfit and bag the night before.
McKenzie has class from 8am- 10am so I had to prepare 2 bags- our regular going out bag and a bag for the clothes she'd wear for the show. We picked her up 10mins earlier than her dismissal with the hope that they'd let her class go home early.

The moment McKenzie saw me, she was grinning and excitedly said to me: "We're soo soo late Mom, Come On!"

I had to change her clothes inside the car and since everything was planned the night before, it was a breeze.
Ate Donna, Mama and Mikayla were already waiting so I just went to get our tickets and led the group in. McKenzie and Mikayla were so excited to go inside the arena together.

Our seats are in the VIP section 6 rows from the stage. Awesome view. We let the 2 girls sit near the aisle.
Their Barbie Meals- It contains a burger and drink with lunchbox, a mirror, comb and a spoon (It is similar to the party giveaways from a Jollibee Barbie party)

McKenzie amazed with the stage

The cousins photo op near the stage during the 15 min break


With Mama
Seriously Watching
The finale played their favorite song "Get your Sparkle On" so they decided to stand up so they could sing and dance with Barbie
Pink Confetti!
with Daphne OseƱa-Paez
With Tessa Prieto-Valdez
Shopping for Souvenirs
Ate Donna bought Mariposa Wings for them (P650.00 each) and we each got them a Barbie Live! exclusive bag that contains a tin pencil case, water container and an official Barbie fan ID with lace. (P1, 000 each)

The little girls were so happy!

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