WAHM Research: PSBank Kiddie and Teen Savers Account

Like most parents, I want to teach McKenzie thrift, perseverance, and discipline.
I am on the look out for banking options for children where we can start saving her cash gifts and rewards.

PSBank offers the Kiddie and Teen Savers Account.
Kiddie Savers account- for children ages 0-12
Teen Savers account-  for ages 13-18.

What’s wonderful about these bank account types? They do not require an initial deposit or maintaining balance. Your children can start saving using just the amount they have in their piggy banks! And their money will earn interest regardless of their balance.

It comes with a free personal accident insurance from Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation amounting up to five times the monthly average daily balance or a maximum of P500,000 per account.

The PSBank Kiddie Savers can be an In-Trust-For (ITF) account but you can also make it a Joint OR or Joint AND account with them or plainly an individual account for each of your children.

Minimum Maintaining Balance PhP 0.00
Daily Balance to Earn Interest Any amount
Evidence of Deposit Passbook and ATM Card (Issued upon request)
Interest Rate (per annum)
Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Please contact any PSBank branch for the prevailing rates.

  • Philippine Peso 0.5000%
  • US Dollar 0.5000%
  • Euro 0.2500%

Interest Crediting Monthly

For more information, head on to: http://bit.ly/PSBANK4KidsandTeens.

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