The WAHMmy tries her luck for Alicia Keys concert tickets

My three year old loves to sing one particular Alicia Keys song- Girl On Fire. Here's a video I posted in facebook a few weeks back.

It's just a 15 second video and I had to choose just the best part to ensure I could upload it as soon as I can so our family and friends who are based overseas could immediately watch it.

Now, if I have Fibr connection at Home, I'd probably start a video blog where I could post videos of my little girl's milestones and everyday life. That's something that I cannot easily do right now because our connection at home has to be dedicated mostly to our work, both my husband and I work at home.

My favorite Alicia Keys song? Before I became a wife and mom it was If I Ain't Got You. But now that I have the two most important people in the world in my life and because I believe my 3yo tot sings it so well, it's Girl On Fire at the moment, until my little girl learns another Alicia Keys song, that is.

Alicia Keys concert on November 25, 8PM at the Mall of Asia Arena. I hope to see you there!

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