McKenzie in Nursery SY 2013-2014: 1st Quarter Grades

I'm proud of my 3yo little girl's performance for the 1st quarter of SY 2013- 2014.
Language- 88/90
Reading- 88/90
Math- 88/90
Science- 87/90
Computer- 88/90
MAPE- 87/90
Ave- 87.67/ 90

That's 97.41% of the highest possible grade for the quarter!
Perfect Attendance for 3 months!

Character Development Items all Satisfactory except for Keeping self clean and neat which earned a Very Satisfactory rating. Most people who knows McKenzie won't be surprised at all.
 She was 2 months shy from being a 3yo when she entered Nursery in June but managed to perform well enough that we decided to keep her in class despite some people telling us how young she is for her class comprised of 3 turning 4 yr old and even 4 turning 5yr old kids.

I believed in her and she exceeded my expectations.

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