Summer 2013, Blogging and McKenzie's School

I am able to blog again... Summer is almost over.

It's the 4th week of McKenzie's 5 week summer school. So happy that she was able to cope up with her class which is comprised of mostly 4-5 year old kids.

Start of this year was a busy one with my virtual clients, wedding clients and some other rakets.
May is very busy with a big wedding on the 31st.

We had to change our schedule for McKenzie's 930am class. We used to go to bed between 2am-4am, but that is not good considering we wake up before 7am to allow McKenzie enough time to prepare for school. School by the way is just a 5 minute walk from our house.

February 2013- Wedding in Batangas
March 2013- Work Galore

April 2013- Boracay, McKenzie's Summer School
May 2013- McKenzie's Summer School, Big Wedding in BGC

I want to blog about our Boracay trip, McKenzie's summer school and the latest weddi
ngs we coordinated. I hope I find time for all of those.

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