McKenzie and a Trolley bag

Yesterday, McKenzie learned a very important thing: How to use a trolley bag.

I was in the ladies' section of the department store, I left Kenny and McKenzie at the kids' accessories section because she was looking at Dora items.

I overheard 2 sales persons talking: "Tingnan mo yung bata o, kaliit liit, ang galing maghila ng bag.".

I glanced and I saw my little girl, pulling a little red and blue trolley bag, going around the department store confidently, like a flight attendant in an airport.

She looked sooo cute that we ended up buying her one. Good thing it was on sale!

Good thing Kenny was able to take a photo and video of it.

KANSIS Made, A Random Guy and Faith

Two weeks ago, my husband had to let go his fulltime job as a data analyst to be able to focus on KANSIS Made.