Another Magic Medicine for McKenzie

McKenzie and I has been using the good old Petroleum Jelly as our Magic Medicine.

She has learned to rely on it when she there's itchy or ouchy.

My Kumareng Eena recommended Giga No Itch- It is made from virgin coconut oil with a generous amount of essential oils and extracts to make them really effective and very pleasant to the senses. It does not contain petroleum based products.

I wanted to try it out but it's only lately that I was able to see their outlet in SM Mall of Asia.

I didn't want to get the big tub of the Giga No Itch yet so the sales assistant suggested that I get the small Giga Massage Rub first. She said it's the same thing, they just changed the name.

I didn't see the Giga Massage Rub when I check their site so the Sales Assistant might be correct in suggesting that I buy that first.

I haven't got the chance to use it yet, but I will write another blog for my review.

Other Giga products I plan to try soon.

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