A Little Gift: Thanks Skype

I received an email from Skype, it says: A little gift from Skype

It is a little thank you gift for using Skype.

I received free Skype Credit  that I can use to call worldwide to anyone, on their mobile or landline using Skype for up to 75 minutes* – for free.

It will be perfect for those times when a Skype to Skype call isn't possible.

These are the steps that I followed:

1.     I signed in to my account at skype.com/voucher
2.     Copied the voucher code provided to me in the email:
3.     Paste the code into the voucher box

And that’s it – I earned 2 usd credit which I can use to call landlines and mobiles worldwide using my Skype account.

*75 minutes is based on the Skype Global Rate of 2.3 cents per minute (US Dollars) to call landlines in 30 countries.

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