Soderno’s 1st Day

Wish granted! We were able to go to Soderno’s 1st day.
We thought parking was going to be a problem but we got a spot near the walkway towards the tent.

There was a huge crowd when we got in. McKenzie was in her stroller but walking around with it did not become much of a problem.

Looking for a table with chairs was the most difficult of all.
When I spotted one, I literally dragged the stroller with one hand and carried McKenzie with the other to get there fast. We waited in our table while Kenny and John ordered food.
We got ourselves the following: taclings, roast beef with baby potatoes, rib eye steak, baby potato salad and charbroiled burgers.
We got the chance to take a photo of Anton Diaz with his Soderno apron.
As we were finishing our food and while McKenzie munched on her mochiko, RJ Ledesma passed by and greeted us. We had a nice chat and also had our picture taken with him.
Busy but still very accommodating.
People were pouring in big groups when we decided to call it a night.

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