9 weeks 3 days

Last Saturday’s ultrasound brought good news about our pregnancy: a healthy fetal development and less fluid in the uterus.

Ken and I had to go about another route to avoid the kind of traffic that we experience the last time we went to Tokyo Healthlink for an ultrasound. Still, we got there just a few minutes before closing time.

I was nervous and with my instructions, Ken positioned himself with his camera phone so he can grant my wish of having photos taken during the ultrasound.
Baby’s form is now more pronounced with a head, finger buds and with a heartbeat of 175 bpm. According to the OB Sonologist, Dra Cathy Medina, the baby is moving a lot– could be hungry. ( I was sooo hungry that time).

It was a great relief… to see our little one moving.

We went to see my OB, Dra Judith Galang-Perez this morning to have the ultrasound checked and I was given another week of bed rest plus 3 weeks more of the medications. She was able to assure us though that things are looking good.

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