Dark Image, Dark Clouds

Third time, third time I was disturbed by this dark figure in my sleep.

I don’t know what exactly it wants from me.

Today, I finished my work early so I could doze off at the sleeping room.  I usually choose the top beds of the bunk because it is less prone to disturbance from people coming in and out but there was none available so I had to settle to those below.

I am still shaking because of what happened…

My colleagues came back from their nap and told me about how they heard somebody shout inside the sleeping room; I had to admit to them it was me…

It was around 430am.

I cannot write much about it now, maybe tomorrow.

Kenny called already, need to leave.

Dark clouds outside because of the storm…

KANSIS Made, A Random Guy and Faith

Two weeks ago, my husband had to let go his fulltime job as a data analyst to be able to focus on KANSIS Made.