La Vie Institute: The Experience

If you've read my previous post, you'd know that I went shopping for make up because I joined a personal make up workshop at the La Vie Institute in Alabang.

It took me some time to plan how to write about the institute, the programs and the experience but the day was just too great that I think I might as well write several posts about it. So here's the first one: A WAHM's Experience at the La Vie Institute.

The workshop was last Saturday, April 11, 1pm- 5pm. McKenzie has ballet class that day until noon so we decided that I'd take public transport going there and would meet up with them in Alabang after. So I prepared the little one's stuff for ballet and for their trip to Alabang, and finished my morning chores earlier than usual.

They dropped me off at the UV Express terminal at 1020am. A van was almost full and needed just 2 more passengers so I was unluckily placed on a gravity defying seat (to those taking UV Express vans, it's those seats very near the door that are foldable). It took us 40 minutes and I got off South Supermarket, walked through it to get to McDonald’s Commerce Avenue where I had my quick lunch. I felt really exhausted with the commute that I ended up ordering a 4 pc nuggets happy meal and a cheeseburger.

The walk from McDonald’s to Commercenter was so relaxing in spite of the heat--- it made me really love Alabang more- quiet and relaxed. I decided to go in 30 minutes before 1pm because I wanted to have a glimpse of La Vie Institute before the actual workshop starts. The welcome was so warm and I was told that I was the first one to arrive. Always the early bird. I was ushered to the Studio Room which had a great view, trees lined up the road. While waiting for the other bloggers, we were also given a quick tour of the place.

The group was small and although there weren't any familiar faces, we instantly became comfortable with each other. Monica Santiago, Program Director of La Vie Institute, talked a little about the institute. She is an educator who was able to teach both college and high school students. She initially wanted to put up a regular school but in the process of planning, she discovered she wanted to offer something different from the traditional schooling platform.

With her experience teaching both college and high school students, she realized how character development needs to be worked on to give a great advantage, regardless of the individual's age. She was lucky to have been provided with Personality Development training in her high school but she was surprised when she learned it is not being offered in all schools now. To be able to clearly and concisely share her inputs on the topic, I will talk more about her vision in another post, along with information about La Vie Institute and its programs.

Personal Make Up Mentor, Mic Salazar
After the short talk, we were brought to the Makeup Room where our Personal Make Up Mentor, Mic Salazar was waiting for us. The room was so dainty- clean walls and fixtures were perfectly contrasted using Machuca tiles (thanking my dear husband for this information who told me immediately after I sent him photos of the room). Suesh paper bags were waiting for us on our assigned dresser tables.
Mic Salazar's training was comprehensive. She left us to explore and enjoy. I had learning with my seatmate, Nhessie. We are both makeup newbies so each step of the personal make process was a delightful activity for us.
The Output with the Mentor

After the Personal Makeup Session, we were led to a conference room to meet our Fine Dining Etiquette Mentor, Ms. Vangie. She has worked long years with PAL and has a big luggage of experience that makes her a credible resource for the topic she was about to discuss with us.

We learned about French food and dining terms. Ms Vangie really made it informative and fun. In addition to fine dining etiquette, but social etiquette in general. She had some funny stories too. Ms Vangie is a happy person.

We were served delicious Italian Pasta from Mona Lisa Ristorante and a good conversation after. There were also cookies and cupcakes from Happy Ever After Cupcakes which I decided to take home for my little sweet tooth girl.

What we were given is just a bite of La Vie Institute's Modern Women's Personality Development Program. They are offering Total Personality Development Programs so there's a lot more to learn.

As mentioned, I will dedicate another post to tell you more about La Vie Institute.

The people of La Vie were so kind and warm. I didn't notice the 5 hours that passed.

More Photos of the Event are posted on Facebook.