Final Salute to a Great Husband and Father: Jesse Robredo

Like Atty. Leni Robredo, I am also a wife and a mother.
Just like Aika, Trisha and Jillian, I am also a daughter.

I am so attached with the passing of Jesse Robredo not because of his political achievements, but because of how his family describes him as a husband and as a father.

These lines from Atty Leni Robredo's made me cry:

  • But Jess, just this one time, allow us to celebrate your life in the way we think you deserve to be honored.
  • If we could hear Jess speak, I know he would be saying "Sobra sobra na ito".
  • Maybe for him, it was a perfect end to a life well-lived.
  • He still decided to fly home, he just wanted to surprise us and make us happy.
  • He told me in the calmest voice that he would call me later, he said that he was just taking care of something. He never called me back.
  • That was Jess to his very core. He was always working so hard but at the same time, always rushing home to be with his family.
  • The weekend before that fateful crash, he fixed everything in the house: busted lights, broken doorbell, leaking faucets. He always looked forward to feeling like a regular man in the house. He said these simple tasks made him feel important to his family and strengthens him.
  • Much has been said about how great Jess was as a public servant, but to us, his family, we will remember him most as an exceptional husband and father. He died with nothing left unsaid. He constantly showered us with I love yous. He always told me he was lucky he married me. He constantly told my children he was proud of them.
  • He would drop everything for our girls. He wasn't there just for the big events but also for the small ones.

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