Entry to Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest

This is my official entry to the Howard Storage World + Dainty Mom Wow Your Wardrobe Contest.

We've been living in our 2 storey townhouse since 2007. We've been using the other room as a closet and storage because of the limited space we have in the other room. Also, because we need to pay the monthly amortization, it's not easy for us to buy storage organization stuff to maximize the small space that we have. 

We never had problems until we had our first born. Her stuff literally took over the entire house.

She is turning 2 this August and I was hoping we could turn the other room into her own before she enters preschool. That way, she will have a place for her own stuff- toys, books, clothes, accessories.

At an early age, she has displayed a good attitude of organizing her own toys, and even sings Barney's Clean Up song when she puts her toys and books back to their baskets.

Here's how I plan to use the items in the package prize if I win (crossing fingers...):

2 units of Space Bags- I will use this to properly store my baby's linen so I could still use it for Baby #2, #3 and so on.

2 units of Easi Store Underbed Shoe Box- to be able to effectively utilize the space under our bed to store our shoes.

Faux Feather Jewelry Tray (Large w/ Lid)- for my jewelry and accessories, so I can easily find them!

Allure Earring Organizer- for my earrings and my baby girl's earrings too!

5 units of Stackable Bamboo Organizer- to help us organize some closet space.

Handbag Holder- for my possessions! my bags!

Over-Door 2-Hook- additional space! we can use the door if we have this.

Flocked 20-pack Hanger (with bar) Value Pack- hangers for my husband's shirts and coat

Diamond Drawer Organizer- for those little stuff inside my drawer.

2 units Eva Trouser Rack 3-Pack- this one would perfectly work for my husband's trousers!

5 units Thick Trouser Hanger 2-Pack (Chocolate)- again, for my dear husband's

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