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Johnson’s® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion

Even when baby is indoors or fully clothed, 70% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can still penetrate and harm baby’s skin. Johnson’s® Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion is a first from Johnson’s®, it ensures baby’s skin is protected at all times.

Since baby’s skin is still developing, it still can’t fully protect itself from the sun’s harsh rays and other environmental stresses. It is more vulnerable to sun damage.


Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion has special ingredients that blocks as much as 90% of harmful UVA/ UVB rays, thus offering extensive sun protection. It has a clinically- proven mild formula that is light and non greasy. It is safe and comfortable for everyday use.

It is one of the products showcased in the event that was organized by  Johnson’s® that I attended.


Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion SPF 15 for an ordinary play day while Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion SPF 30 should be used when you go swimming or when you expect longer exposure under the sun.

Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion is available in in Mercury Drug, Baby Company, Watsons and selected supermarkets.

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